Are you Ready for the future and is the future ready for you?


Future Catalyst is a Learning & Organisational Development consultancy supporting leaders in Health, Social Care & Third Sector organisations to become fit for the future. We help to assess, plan & manage change and develop the 21st Century Skills you and your team need to survive & thrive in a fast-paced world.

We are keen to work with leaders who are ambitious, who want to take the next steps in future-proofing their organisation & who are committed to working with their teams in the development of a culture of learning, collaboration & innovation.  

Grow Your Influence

Ambitious teams choose the leaders they would like to work for. Equally citizens buy from those they trust. Today, using Social Media is a key communication & marketing method helping organisations re-connect & build trust with their audiences.

Scale Your Impact

In a world where demand for better services & experiences and where funding is hard to come by, leaders must find better ways to scale & measure their organisation's impact. People & technology have a key role to play in scaling the impact of any organisation.

Secure Your Future

Senior leaders need to regularly take time to reflect together with their boards and teams to discuss, plan & act upon the resilience, value & impact of service design, culture & new technologies in the delivery of more personalised & cost-effective services.

"I rate their knowledge and abilities as completely inspirational. Heidi always provides a new perspective on a whole range of issues. So all that I can suggest is that if you have a complex problem - ask Heidi!"
Nick Ananin
Project Manager
"Heidi is a compelling systems thinker. She is truly inspiring when talking about bringing people together to co-create their shared future. She is full of creative approaches to support organisations to develop."
Nancy Coles
People Transformation Lead