The Resilient Leader


“You can’t change the ocean or the weather no matter how hard you try, so it is best to learn how to sail in all conditions!”
In the last few years, our working environments have changed dramatically and have become increasingly complex. At Future Catalyst, we care about people and how they are affected by this complexity. Based on our own experiences and that of others we have worked alongside, we have started to co-create a model of Resilience that provides an opportunity to reflect on the different aspects that help to unlock your personal resilience in the workplace and beyond.


In order to stay ahead or up-to-date in your field and/or in developing innovative new ventures, leaders need to understand the importance of minimising or removing the barriers to adaptability & continuous learning. They too need to encourage their teams to learn how to learn smarter, with less focus or control on what to learn, making learning more responsive to the ever-changing circumstances. We provide coaching & mentoring on identifying the barriers and to help leaders & their teams work & learn smarter, not harder.


Living in the age of technology, we all have the opportunity to be more connected than ever, yet at the same time we are in danger of becoming more isolated. Reflecting on the quality of your networks & connections provides an insight into ways you can be more present, feel more connected and become more influential.


In a world that is ever-changing, it is not always easy to scan ahead. The speed and turbulence of the environment we work in requires us to think differently about the maps we create for ourselves. We can help you become more at ease in this ever-changing environment by showing you how to access a variety of perspectives and opening doors to more opportunities to collaborate and innovate.


As people, we are driven by our thoughts, feelings and emotions, which in turn are translated into behaviours. We act with good intentions, but do not always get it right. Part of our support includes teaching you about the importance of vulnerability, how to be more compassionate to yourself and others by helping you to understand the origins of our behaviours and how they change over time and in context.


Why not Work-Life Balance I hear you ask? Well, at Future Catalyst we believe that work is an important part of life. Our work should help us in unlocking our fullest potential & should even define who we are as people. Our highest resilience comes from understanding our personal mission in life and finding meaning when we align our personal mission with the work we do.


So much of our lives is impacted by the seriousness and complexities which bombard us every day. We have started to take things far too serious and have placed far too much emphasis on perfection. So much so that we have forgotten the importance experimentation and failure as part of the learning process, making workplaces feel like machines rather than human systems. As people we have a natural creativity & resourcefulness which are very important elements that aid our personal resilience. At Future Catalyst, we tap into this resourceful energy to get you and your team into the innovation space.
Contact us if you would value a conversation about resilience or would like to learn more about how we can help grow your personal resilience.