Skilled Facilitation


Whether needing to reflect on the past or to think about your organisation’s or team’s possible futures, it helps to engage a skilled facilitator. They are able to ensure the environment is set up for the most productive outcomes and their objectivity provides an external perspective & where required constructive challenge. 

Innovation Labs

Future Catalyst also facilitates Innovation Labs. It is a safe environment where people play with creativity, explore opportunities & challenges and seek out others who are open to experimenting, learning, prototyping & testing ideas together. 

Innovation Labs are also referred to a Hackathons which can be facilitated in a physical or virtual space. 

Open Space

Open Space is an interactive meeting technique where themes & topics are generated at the start of the event & people join in with the themes & topics most of interest to them. The methodology is guided by 4 Principles & 1 very important Law, namely “the Law of Two Feet” which gives permission to participant to move on to another table when conversations are no longer of use to them. 

This technique creates interesting conversations in a non-linear format, with those who move between tables becoming cross-pollinators, bringing new ideas & perspectives into ever-fresh conversations. 

Action Learning Sets

Action Learning Sets is a facilitation technique often used by professionals & leaders. Unlike training, these workshops work around a shared theme and guided by the questions & queries of the people in the room. They are highly interactive and facilitation is key to ensure everyone in the room has the opportunity to contribute. 

World Cafe

World Café is a flexible & hosted group dialogue, guided by an overarching etiquette & 4 simple rules. It brings together small groups of people around small tables, café-style. 

  1. Select a Table Host
  2. Discuss questions & record answers on each table
  3. Participants move onto the next table while hosts stays to greet & orient new participants
  4. At the end, outcomes are shared with the whole group

The Art of Hosting

“The ‘Art of Hosting’ was the key catalyst of the Better Care Together VanGuard at Morecombe Bay, drawing together cohorts of multi-disciplinary leaders keen to fully participate in the building of healthier & caring communities.” 

In a world that is ever-changing, chaos is a prominent feature which can understandably cause high anxiety in leaders. The techniques guided by our experienced Art of Hosting facilitator, help leaders reflect on the ever-changing environment and learn how to resiliently respond to it. 

The Art of Hosting is a globally renowned facilitation approach that helps leaders scale up from the personal to the systemic using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges.

“The Art of Hosting is a process that helped me not to fear chaos”

“This beautiful Learning Journey awakened me to leadership from the inside out, rather than the top down.”