Organisational Development


“Any human system is a living system with a strong life force and an urge to be self-organising & self-directed.”

Organisational Development is driven by the belief that organisations are not machines with cogs, but complex living systems driven by human psychology. With the rate of change & complexity through the roof, Future Catalyst helps leaders and their teams better understand the complexity of the environment and how to survive, thrive & inspire others.

Amending an organisation’s ability to respond requires leaders and teams to think differently & become more entrepreneurial. Our unique systems thinking approach to Organisational Development helps organisations define their purpose and understand their path in this ever-changing world.

OD - Masters of Connection & Collaboration

The Law of the Few defines how a small percentage of people in the world act as catalysts for change. They naturally form connections with all kinds of people & show curiosity for many different contexts.

OD - Enablers of Engagement & Ownership

OD, with its interest in everything culture & behaviour, is often tasked with the challenge of increasing accountability & ownership for change initiative, its role engaging stakeholders in co-designing a better future.

OD - Believers & Dealers of Hope for the Future

OD Practitioners believe hope to be a powerful motivator and momentum builder for any positive collective action, yet in many organisations hope seems to have been replaced with mistrust and fear.