Benchmark your Digital Maturity

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is not a set of tools or a destination but a process of identifying data flows and planning & implementing high quality user experiences using the latest technologies. It is key that it is well-managed to avoid your organisation falling behind the times and it needs to start from where you are at the moment. 

We are unique in our approach as we believe that digital transformation affects every part of your organisation, not just how you market your service through relevant Social Media channels. Hence we have developed our Digital Transformation Scorecard (see image right) around every discipline a business needs to make leaner, smarter & greener with limited resources.

Accessing the right expertise will avoid the pains of poor decisions, minimise duplicated efforts & stop the waste of limited resources. Accessing the right expertise will also guarantee the growth of your organisation’s influence as well as your own personal influence as a leader. Both, in turn, will have a positive effect on evidencing & scaling your impact and securing your organisation’s future. 

The Value of Benchmarking

The only way you can start well is to benchmark your current position so that you can measure your progress & celebrate your successes on your journey to a fully integrated Service Delivery Model. Starting today, an initial self-assessment, using our FREE Plain English questionnaire supported by the NCVO, can help Third Sector Boards & Leaders better understand Their organisation’s current position as a starting point in your Digital Transformation journey. Click the button below to go to the NCVO questionnaire. Please note that only you can see the report unless you choose to share it. 

So What Next?

Now that you have your personalised Benchmarking Report, Future Catalyst would like to be your strategic partner so that we can assist you with next steps in helping you clarify your vision and set some initial goals for you to achieve. As with any culture & infrastructural change, it will take time! Our expertise in Change Management, Learning & Development will assist in ensuring everyone is fully engaged in the process and can access the skills they need to work with technology. With our input we aim to address your barriers & concerns, and more quickly benefit for the changes. 

Your Barriers & Concerns

  • Lack of Funding &/or Resources
  • Unsure of Digital Skills Gaps & Shortages
  • Insufficient Strategic Insight
  • Unsure where to start
  • Resistance to Change
  • Poor IT Infrastructure
  • Unsure how to build reputation online
  • Increased competition from larger digitally-savvy charities
  • Unsure how to use our data & keep it safe
  • Not keeping up with the pace or change
  • Unable to show our impact effectively
  • etc

How Future Catalyst can help

  • Identify Digital & Innovation Funding & Support Bid Writing
  • Complete a Skills Audit & Broker Courses
  • Digital Leadership Mentoring & Coaching
  • Use Benchmark report to identify initial quick wins
  • Expert Change Management Skills
  • Connect you with our trusted partners
  • Help you grow your influence online with Social Media Mentoring
  • Support you in creating momentum 
  • Identify secure platforms for analysis & storage
  • Help hone your Social Learning Skills
  • Find innovative & non-intrusive solutions for measuring impact
  • etc