Are you Ready for the future and is the future ready for you?


Future Catalyst is an Organisational Development & Innovation consultancy supporting leaders & their teams to expand their horizons by providing cost-effective development opportunities while simultaneously facilitating the collaborative action & momentum required to transform the Health & Social Care system. 

We are keen to work with leaders who are open to sponsoring, investing in or driving trailblazing activities, assessing their environmental, social and economic impact & who are committed to working with their teams in the development of a culture of learning, collaboration & innovation. 

Future Leaders

Leading at times of complexity requires resilient & change-ready leaders & teams who have the systemic & behavioural insights that assist them in making better decisions & developing healthier & responsible organisations.

Unlocking Innovation

Enterprises of all sizes have an ever-evolving responsibility & role to play in helping to unlock the resilience, value & impact of the people & communities they serve, engaging them in learning, working & innovating together.

Resilient Enterprise

To empower staff & communities, enterprise leaders need time to reflect on the potential resilience, value & impact of service design, culture & new technologies in the delivery of more personalised services.

"I rate their knowledge and abilities as completely inspirational. Heidi always provides a new perspective on a whole range of issues. So all that I can suggest is that if you have a complex problem - ask Heidi!"
Nick Ananin
Project Manager
"Heidi is a compelling systems thinker. She is truly inspiring when talking about bringing people together to co-create their shared future. She is full of creative approaches to support organisations to develop."
Nancy Coles
People Transformation Lead