Are you Ready for the future and is the future ready for you?


Future Catalyst is a Learning & Organisational Development consultancy supporting leaders in Health, Social Care & Third Sector organisations to become fit for the future. We can help leaders to develop their organisation’s Digital Adoption & Skills Strategy and deliver the 21st Century Skills leaders and their workforce needed to survive & thrive in the new world.

We are keen to directly work with leaders who want to take the next steps in future-proofing their organisation & who are committed to working with their teams in the development of a culture of learning, collaboration & innovation.  We are also keen to build relationships with providers of cloud-based technologies, supporting them with embedding new ways of working and upskilling staff on specific systems.


… and training on many other online applications

New Ways of Working

Today, all of us are required to work from anywhere, be that between offices, from home or out in the community. This requires not only the right technology but a shift in our skills and a
new way of working culture.

Virtual Teams & Events

When working remotely - despite the many emails landing in your inbox - it is not uncommon to feel out of the loop and totally isolated. With less time spent in the office, it is important to rethink how to communicate & collaborate with others online.

Staying Productive & Well

Organisations may be introducing new technology, affecting how we manage our time and productivity. Working remotely can create different stresses and pressures, affecting our personal well-being. Self care is the order of the day!